Psalm 13

I used to go to church with the idea of fixing someone else and not myself! But once I figured out that I can’t fix anyone only God is able to change people through His Grace and His Word. I found that I need to grow in Christ as a disciple of His to change and change my circumstances. I am His work in progress, always. Because of that I am actually His vessel at work in my world! I am His Light to others so He can show them His Love and His gift of Grace through The Cross! So now when I go to church I focus on me not on someone else! How can I be of purpose in God’s Kingdom as I walk my journey. So as I went to church this last Sunday the message was on Rejoicing in Lament by Dr. Jeff Cook.

The last few years I have had many moments of Lamenting! Actually Lamenting is a good thing! Reading God’s Word, I found many times over and over again the people of the Bible were lamenting. Lamenting over their sin, murder, disobedience, following God’s laws, wars, jealousy, injustices, famine, whining, enemies. disease, death and so on! The happenings of this world by humanity! This world is temporary and we are His people with a spirit soul and He breathed life into us to journey here for His purpose. We sure don’t understand what goes about. It makes us hurt, care, be angry, disappointed, love, sad, depressed, discontented, etc. all those emotions and more. Sometimes it definitely is a roller coaster ride. But I know my God is in control. Yes He allows many things to happened that we don’t understand. But we are not God. So my anchor is God and His Promises to me in Christ so I can be of a purpose in this world I live in. Boy there are many times I would just like to cover up my head and lament and say woe is me. And I do but I don’t stay in that place, I look for answers. So I call out to God and pray. I arm myself in His presence and His Word.

I can only change my life! It is the choices and decisions I make in the circumstances of my life that make me who I am today. Long time ago I chose to follow and believe in who Christ is and what He did on the Cross for me. I sure didn’t understand what all that meant! So there have been many a time I have lamented over the choices I have made. The decisions I made. Whining about the life I had. Lamenting over my children as young people the life choices they made. Lamented over the wars I have seen. The people I have hurt some intentionally and some accidentally. How I have talked and treated someone. Lamented over deaths that were horrific. So many events in my life that I was touched by that I wonder where is my God! My God is a Perfect God and He is my Good Father! He equips me for every event in my life! Makes my imperfections and mistakes into something good for His Glory and Honor! For me to share those experiences with others, in order for God to work in their lives!

Just in last 2 year, I have had to let go of my husband who was my life. We had a home together for 20 years. Then I lost my youngest brother to cancer. My Dad in that time period had double by pass heart surgery. So I greet a new year, my Dad healed. I am healing from the pain of losing those to death. These deaths brought new live into relationships. I know where both are living with their Lord and Savior. Still makes it hard but God gives you comforting words. He gives me peace. He prepares me. He sustains me. He gives me knew hopes and dreams. He participates in my life so He guides me and leads me to new place so I can start over. He strengthens me with others. They tell me how much they love me. That they are praying for me and encouraging me.

My family has drawn closer to me. So we celebrate as a family with events to share our love and strengthen our relationships to be there for one another. Even friends we draw closer to one another and find special times with each other. Have sounding boards for decisions. Good things happen even through all the grieve and struggles. So I lament as to what now!What do I do now that I am alone, caring for myself. So God gives me an answer. Move. So I plan. I move. New beginnings, relationships, community, church, work, everything is going to be new to me. Am I ready! I grieve over leaving but it is ok!

I make my plans, I move. It was all by Faith, not as I planned but as God planned! Settled in! It was great, but I sure did have to pray and trust God in everything. He keeps His promises. Then I lamented over being alone. So I looked on line. Oh my goodness, what an experience that was. I thought every thing was lining up then evil lifted its head and I learned a lesson that I need to trust God for a new partner. He knows my heart so when God thinks I am ready for a partner He will let that person enter into my life in His time not mine. He told me to keep my focus on Him. He has taught me as a good father to be wise and steady in His plan for me.

Renting my home out was a big challenge in the logistics of moving. That failed 2 times. The first time was in the dead of winter! I am living now 8 hours away. Plus my hours were cut back, I have no money. Plus my roommate needed me to find a new place to live and I was having health troubles. And I was looking for a better job. I had fabulous prayer warriors. Things straightened out within a month. I couldn’t of done it on my own. God put everything and everyone in place at the right time. Remember God leads and guides as He speaks through events and people. He works through us. So I have new renters who clean up the mess made by the last. I found a place through a friend. God knew it would be perfect for me and my puppies. He found opened up a job for me. He really had to shout to me “get an application”. If I wouldn’t of listened….anyway I listened. But before the summer was out my renters had to leave for financial reasons. Quick trip back home, signed with my realtor friend to sell my property. It sold within a week, so paid all my debts.

God is always in the details. But He works through His people. Trust and obey. Listen and be full of Faith that which He has given you. Time to get my health check up. Not only a falling bladder but uterine cancer. Oh my goodness didn’t want to hear that word again in my life. The doctor said all will be fine just need a hysterectomy. Not… go back for my post op check up, I have second state cervical cancer! I started crying! I couldn’t talk. My daughter was there. I was so thankful that our relationship was healing that she could be there with me. I heard the chemo word again and radiation! It was horrifying! Had to have a petscan to see if it had spread anywhere else. I was thinking was this my time. Was this the end of my journey? I lamented. Woe is me. I am not ready to see your Glory. Then I ask myself “Why not”? Shouldn’t I be rejoicing!! My God knows me so well! He has assured me His Will will be done and in His time, I just have to trust in Him. He keeps His promises if I live or die. I just need to be His Light and His servant as I walk on His creation. I need to live in His abundant life and not measure it by years. I need to repent and to turn to God in all things and events in my life. I am here to share my story everyday. God uses my life to change other peoples lives. When He says to Pray..pray unceasingly. When he says surrender your all.. surrender. When He says to draw close to Him He will reveal Himself to you. Get to know your God through His Son Jesus Christ and let His Spirit live in you. So when your certainty is challenged go to Him and lament. He will answer and be there, He will never leave you.  He so wants to empower you with purpose and a plan for your life and it will be abundant!  He doesn’t always remove the mountains as we plan because He Knows all. He will give you all you need and more plus bring you to a place of rejoicing and rest.  He works in our strengths and weaknesses. He goes before us. He prepares us! He keeps all His promises. This world is not perfect but He is. Lean on His understanding. Sometimes the plan isn’t clear and we have to Trust and Obey. He fits us up like soldiers to do battle. He will never let you go. Read His Word and Pray. He carries us through with our loved ones about us. If my journey is up, death will be my victory because I will be home forever. I will have Joy! Everlasting!

Lauren Daigle is a new singer artist. The song O’Lord reveals so much truth.


Though times it seems
Like I’m coming undone
This walk can often feel lonely
No matter what until this race is won
I will stand my ground where hope can be found
I will stand my ground where hope can be found
Oh, O’Lord O’Lord I know You hear my cry
Your love is lifting me above all the lies
No matter what I face this I know in time
You’ll take all that is wrong and make it right
You’ll take all that is wrong and make it right
Your strength is found
At the end of my road
Your grace it reaches to the hurting
Still through the tears and the questioning why
I will stand my ground where hope can be found
I will stand my ground where hope can be found





Who hasn’t been Alone?? Whether we have been Alone in our families, with our classmates, with a group of friends or even with our forever partners! My Aloneness in my senior years, has come by the letting go and the loss of my forever partner since 2012! Truly the hardest decision I ever made. I have had many in my life! Never would I have thought I could leave the Love of my Life! But I was allowing myself to become so absorbed in my husband’s illnesses and moods that I wasn’t myself to be a partner that was compassionate or supportive! I felt trapped and angry which was making our home toxic. Finally I started to make choices and decisions that were good for me so I could be mentally and spiritually be healthy! I was hoping the changes I was making, would have a positive effect on him. I had to be willing to change and detach with love through prayers, good support from friends and family to start my journey that would bring about change that would be good for both of us! Alanon with the Serenity Prayer was in use again! Holding onto my Faith and leaning on God’s word to keep me focused and to allow God to help me with every choice and decision I had to make. Help me to change my attitude that would create hope! This change would hopefully bring us together with a wholeness to our marriage. We could keep the promises we made to each other!

It took a couple of years to come out of my hopelessness to start the courage to change! Options were laid out, power of prayer, and faith were all my weapons to fight for our marriage! Sometimes when we are on the “road of change” to be of a purpose, at peace and hopeful, it seems the person we love is not doing his part to come out of the darkness! The person isn’t making choices or decisions to go forward and be a part of the solution! They can’t see a better life even though you are doing your part and not being part of the problem! The program does say to detach with Love! So now I had to  pray through maybe leaving him! That meant leaving the person I love so very much, to leave my home, to not keep my promises I made! It would mean leaving all my dreams, my hopes, my home to let go of my husband so God could work on him! I didn’t want to leave him but I felt I was enabling him not to change! That I was in the way of God. I was giving him an excuse to stay in the darkness and see no other way out. I couldn’t see how I could live on my own! It was a feeling of “stepping off a crumbling path into a void” with nowhere to go!

As I wrote in my journal “So I stepped out in Faith, out-of-the-way of God to see if God could make him listen to reason!” So with a very good friend, I did step off that path and into the void. But I gave my husband a choice to seek help mentally, physically and spiritually or I would leave. I don’t think he thought I would do it because he didn’t move in either direction. So that day came when I had to make my move, thankfully a friend of mine was there at the right time and place. God is always there, putting the details in order for us to change and go forward in the right direction. She helped me find a place to live! As I look back, I can see His hands in every decision I made. He kept me on His foundation so I could live, be at peace knowing I was doing the right thing. I was still supportive of my husband and eventually after a year he did start to see he needed help especially to have hope. That there was a chance to have a better life.  He finally saw he needed to see a doctor who would give him a chance at a better life and not feel so hopeless, powerless and helpless. I can’t imagine what he went through but I know the drugs he was on held him hostage. He was so scared! But if I hadn’t moved out-of-the-way he might not of moved in the direction God wanted him to go. He had so many mountains to climb some days, he did well and other days were bad. I feel the drugs and depression kept him from making the choices he wanted to make. So his fears kept him captive. For my husband, he started to change and I thought at Christmas of 2013, he turned a corner but he lost his way again when he went to a nursing home for an infection in his foot. Then the spiral began! He didn’t want my help anymore. His faith couldn’t see how it could be possible for him to live like this anymore. Life was, as he saw it, would be better for me and his loved ones to take his own life! I remember him telling me as he was working the 12 step program in our early relationship and marriage about people he had known that couldn’t see themselves as living in sobriety or living with the addictive behavior! It seemed he couldn’t keep on track!  I was hopeful for him and our marriage! Thankfully I had told him I loved him so much. That I would be back if he could keep on the path God had given him! Making good decisions for himself! During those years many events happened but my husband’s depression, health and hopelessness gave way to taking his own life! Never did I think he would do this.

Now I was really living alone!  I could see God working in my life! I could see God working in my husband’s life also.  There was so many answered prayers and “God Happenings”! Even in the smallest detail God had made happen some huge changes for my well-being, to my family and my friends! So I knew God’s Spirit was working! But you only can do what you can do! The power of prayer carried me through. I have learned that I am powerless of people, places ,things, events!  God is in control not me!  He did have a good 15 years of sobriety with the 12 step program and his faith and with our love. But the addictive meds he was taken was taking a toll on him and he saw no way out! The medical field didn’t help him at all. They wanted him to quit cold turkey after 15 years of being on addictive pain medicines that they prescribed. So angry about that! So now I am Alone, really Alone! But the solace is my husband is resting with his Lord at peace and with joy!

I had never been on my own without living with my family, with friends, within a marriage! I was Alone! I had no one to take care of me or love me. I never expected to be on my own; Alone after all those years of being with my partner! God is amazing though, He filled my every need and want! He showed me who I really was on my own with Him beside me all the way! He prepared me in so many ways. I loved getting to know myself! I loved doing my own thing! Only counting on God for everything to fill me up and being the person He wanted me to be. He Blessed me with so many supportive family members and friends! He gave me peace in my decisions! He was and is in all the details, I just had to step out in Faith! He carried me through it all! It was so tough and disheartening at times! Some days I just wanted to cry all day! This wasn’t my dream! I lost my Love of my Life and my home! What purpose do I have now! Again God has stripped me of who I was, it seemed! But I am still here! I can’t change people or fix them! I am not to blame for their decisions! If I didn’t have God, I would never have forgiven myself, I would be in despair and discontent! I have learned, I am powerless in many occasions and events in my Life! I can only make decisions and choices that are good for me and my relationship with my God! The life He has for me is abundant even when unexpected things happen and our world as we know it falls apart!

It has been 6 years since that decision to change and to step out in Faith! I was hoping each step I took in Faith there would be hope that my husband and I would get back to our marriage and the promises we made to each other! But I know he is at peace and is home with God! I went through many stages of sadness, numbness, limbo, joy, praising God, anger, loneliness, grieving, all of it! It was a roller coaster ride for sure! One song that stands out is He Raised Me Up by Josh Groban! When I am feeling hopeless or “woe is me”, I can always count on Him to take my burdens and I become very thankful! Always counting my Blessings! I know He is getting me through this old world, for it is a journey that can give Him glory and honor by who I am in Christ! I can be a light for another lost soul or lift up someone who needs Him to show them His ways!

There was a day I was walking my dogs! It was a path that was laden with fall leaves with bows of golden leaves after a rain. I started crying! I miss him so much! I miss his companionship, his kisses, our talks and so much more that we had together! I tell God I am not Alone with Him but I really would like a partner to share my life with again! Whether God answers that prayer, will be His way and not mine! He knows my heart and what is best for me. I know me and I will keep looking. By Faith I will see what His Will will be! This season of my life gave me courage and strength, to lean on my family and friends whom God put into my life to tell me how much He Loves me! By the Grace of God go I!

Psalm 37: 3 & 4

             Trust in the Lord and do good;
                             dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.
Take delight in the Lord,
                                    and he will give you the desires of your heart.

 ”Self-pity in its early stage is as snug as a feather mattress. Only when it hardens does it become uncomfortable.” Maya Angelou (b. 1928), U.S. author. Gather Together in My Name, vol. 2, ch. 6 (1974).

First blog post

First blog post — My Journey to my Heavenly Home

Everyone has a journey when born to this world! Not that mine is any more special than others but I do enjoy enriching my life to journal my journey! So I thought in this season of my life I would love to share some of my thoughts of my journeys on this blog. I like putting my thought down on hard copy. I have written my journals since 1996. I need to go back and read some of them. I do read some that I have written in the past couple of years. They help me to remember my past where I have been and where I am now. They are guideposts. They are reminders of who I was and how much I have grown up and who I am now. God has blessed me with this journey. It has been very rough at times but also very rewarding and joyous. I am just so grateful! Rejoicing on mountain tops and lamenting in the valleys of my life to the paths of great happenings. God Happenings! I am still wondering where He is taking me next! How will I get there. So far the Dance of life has given me most of all Love and knowing God’s Love just to me.

I was born in the fifties after World War II. My parents were married for all the wrong reasons. He was 40 years older and she was 16. They had 3 children and I was the middle one and only girl. Eventually we landed in foster care. Not good for us at times. There was abuse mentally and physically. The system tried but they can’t change events so they tried to adopt us with one family. The family that chose us tried to care for us all but older brother decided he wasn’t able to live with us. So he decided to go back to foster homes and my younger brother and I were adopted by our Mom and Dad who lived in a small farming community above the bluffs of the Columbia Gorge, at the age of 9,10.

So those are my beginnings of my journey! I was so naïve in many ways. So innocent, but was unsure of the Love of others. I did not have much self esteem. I didn’t know any dreams or real passion. I don’t have a deep relationship with my folks, and may never will. They don’t edify or show their love much emotionally or demonstratively. Though their has been a time when Mom was packing her things to move, she said she was so glad that I was a part of her life. They do say “I love you” more than they used to. As I am now in my 60’s and they are in their 90’s, we live near each other again. They still think of me as teenager, I am sure! But I have accepted them for who they are. I am proud to say the are my parents. God chose them for me. He had a plan and good one. I am so grateful to be able to part of this family whose family has shown me so much love, care, prayers and support. Many of them are gone but still have many relatives whom I dearly love. If anything God has enriched me with His Love and has taught me how to LOVE, unconditionally. I am still learning to Love! Take down the walls and share God’s Love.

As you come along and read my journey blogs, we can share some of the same experiences and stories. Maybe sharing my stories will change your life and see a new way of living. Or you can share in a comment or email of your story, I can see another viewpoint or life experience how it has changed you. We only journey so long before we go to our eternal home. Touching Lives with Love is a purpose and shine that Light of Hope! Don’t hide it under a bushel! Oh NO!