The Seasons of my Life

I just believe the stories of life as each individual experiences it can connect and inspire the human spirit! It can challenge others to change their lives in a new and wondrous direction! I really enjoy reading about others lives! I have a couple of blogs I follow that I so enjoy reading their stories. They give me ideas, understanding plus laughter and other emotions and feelings! How they meet the challenges of the day! I learn so much from others!

I started when I moved from my hometown of 27 years. Seeley Lake, MT, I raised 4 children, my youngest began kindergarten and my oldest was a freshman. So, I’m sharing my childhood stories and my adult life history also. I hope you find my stories full of hope. That God loves everyone. He does have a perfect plan for me and for you. There is always diversity in our lives. People have different ways of sorting out the good from the bad but if you look up out of your circumstances, I have found anyway, that there is a God who loves and can instruct and guide His anyone through this life with peace, joy, hope and much Love through the believe that His Son Jesus died for you! This life is sprinkled with hardships, obstacles, challenges and setbacks but with every season in your life comes new beginnings, new journeys, new paths! Hopefully our choices bring us to Faith in knowing our Creator and an only God who loves us and wants the best for us! He can give us all that we need! My faith is so powerful, and full of wonder as how He does it! His Goodness always shines through the darkness. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of an Alanon group! God led me there because He knew what I needed to change my heart! He knew that was the only program that would help to turn my life around! It’s a program that changes your life, gives you the tools to do it! This program follows God’s way of doing it! My God and I could only change me!

A saying I learned is “God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change and the Courage to change the things I can”! That taught me to change my way of thinking! I’m not in control! God is! I am just going to partner up with Him through Jesus His Son! I am going to do Life His way not my own! I’m going to identify myself with Jesus and not the worldly way of doing things! I hope you find a new perspective, new ways of living life and finding the Joy in living no matter what the world plops on you! When you make a wrong turn, you change your course with new positive ways of doing things that brings happiness and peace!

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