Easy Does It 2022

Can’t even remember where I left off! Fossil, OR has been my retirement home for four years! Bobby and I have been married 4 years! So much has changed, many adventures and family events! As I begin, I’ll update you as write! Right now, our winter has been “easy does it”!

A big event in my husband’s life was we found a surgeon who could replace Bobby’s shoulder after 40 years! AMAZING! He hurt it when he was thirty at work! One of those ugly stories about physcians who shouldn’t be surgeons! He was told by many doctors there wasn’t a surgery that would undo what the physcian did! For 40 years Bobby has only been unable to lift his arm only part way! His arm had limited him for doing any overhead work or fun! Thank the Good Lord for guiding him to the right surgeon. To begin with we were really enjoying the sport of catching crabs on Oregon’s coast line! It happened that Bobby enjoys catching crab with 2 ring pots and one cage, when all of them are full it takes a lot of working with the arms and shoulder to pull them out of the bay off the docks! He was a “hurting” man after our last crabbing time! Decided to go have it checked out with his doctor and lo and behold she referred him to a surgeon who invented this procedure for shoulders, with other surgeons of course! Thankfully we heard great reviews on this surgeon plus even knew of a person who was very satisfied with his surgery. Since September 29,2021 Bobby has been healing! The first few weeks were very tough! Grateful for THE ICE MACHINE which was a new procedure to heal the shoulder! It kept him from having to use prescription drugs! We used a combination of over-the-counter drugs! It worked well! Since his surgery was more involved because of how long it had been this way, it will take a year for it to be totally well and in use! For now, he is able to use it wisely in normal chores and such! He’s learning how much he can exercise it and everyday use! The ice machine is key! I will have a follow up story on his success with this surgery.

Well it’s January now! And since Covid hit last year we couldn’t have his surgery for his hernia, only his shoulder. So now he is down resting and healing from his hernia surgery. Before his hernia surgery, he had his first check up with the surgeon who did his shoulder. His shoulder is doing well. He hasn’t been exercising very much because he can’t lift or carry things yet with his hernia surgery. But all in good time. We are finding out healing is a bit slower than it used to be.

Mount Jefferson view as we go to Bend, OR for appointments.

So this winter has been quite relaxing. So thankful he could do all his surgeries before Spring and Summer. Covid 19 and it’s variance are still raging so that it worked out that we could just stay home to heal and enjoy our home and plan for the spring and summer to do some more needed cleanup work on the property. Bobby is anxious to get back on the backhoe to make a nice road around the place and to finish up burning old wood and hauling old stuff out. Plus tear down another old rugged carport, cut some big old pine trees. That’s another story in itself.

We are very thankful to have football, car auctions, drag racing and old movies to keep us entertained! Plus our pets inside and out! The Covid epidemic hasn’t really harmed us at all. Though our community has been hit pretty hard. I know of three deaths because of no vaccine. Most of our community has had all three of their vaccine shots. The people are still getting the variant and spreading it, so that will be ongoing for a while. So we’ve been staying close at home so neither of us will get the virus or spread it which is fine with us. When we have gone out to doctor appointments and shopping we just follow the mandates. Thank goodness we haven’t been sick at all! We feel free and safe enough! We are just so thankful for medical scientists who have had the knowledge to bring us vaccines to keep us from harm! Guess who’s given them this knowledge, GOD, The creator for all things good! Genesis 50: 19-21 says men’s plans are evil but God’s plans are Always Good!

Jan snow 2022

In retirement we are so fortunate to just trust in God and he will work things out to his glory and honor no matter how evil men may be! This winter has been a time of reflection and healing and seeking. It is definitely a new way of living not having to go to work or being somewhere on time every day. We have learned to enjoy the morning with our coffee, our morning readings of God’s Word, discussing His plans for us and praying for all things. We are patiently waiting as to when Bobby is healed enough to be outside working on his cars and playing on his back hoe. It is going to be great experience and to see the results of his work. We have much to do to clean up and renew what God has given us! This wonderful place to enjoy! Our dreams of making a restful beautiful place to live. Also anxious to get the camper ready to go to the coast to do some more crabbing and sightseeing. We just love that area as well as the ones here.

ITSY always the entertainer!

It is a beautiful place to live. The animals come in and feed. The little birds need to be fed as the turkeys. We watch and learn about them and their habits. I have a sun room that I can watch them in. It is so peaceful here.

Quail quietly came in!
The 3 Stooges ( Jakes )

Jeremiah 29 The Message

10-11 This is God’s Word ….I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.

The winter didn’t start until 1 January of 2022. we had a bit of snow before Christmas. Christmas was quiet and good. My son from Idaho and his family came for Thanksgiving weekend. It sure was awesome to have them. It was our first time to have family over at Thanksgiving since we’ve been married. We hunted for fossils in Fossil at the beds there. There are the John Day Fossil park where it is open to hike!

The hike
At the dig
Digging at Fossil

So today headed for and for a post check up and Bobby’s hernia. It is a wintry day but not snowing or raining thank goodness. Views are always so beautiful. Y’all have a wonderful day God has made just for you. I hope to do more posts to keep up on our news here in Fossil! God Bless.

MT Jefferson

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