Where are “we the people”???

These last few years have been so so negative! Our Institutions, Traditions, and our Democracy has deteriorated because ”we the people” have not raised our voices in a way that brings about solutions! Our families have deteriorated, our schools have chaos. There seems to be many inactive, immature, irresponsible people who are suppose to be leaders within the walls of our foundations. They need to abide by principles, and precepts, rules, guidelines to follow to give cohesiveness, stability and structure! You can not build a nation of people on a foundation of sinking sand! Or muddy waters! When our families fail because there hasn’t been any teaching of basic principles of life, and discipline that is too hard or not strong enough or there isn’t any right or wrong, dysfunction and chaos sets in! Then you have schools who don’t honor their nation by NOT knowing the Constitution and/or it’s history! So now a child doesn’t have respect and/or Love for himself, family or a nation! Where does that child go to receive his validation or his edifying to grow up with a purpose and a dream! Yes there is always going to be evil in the world but if as a nation under God we stand firm within our Constitution and laws, we can have more victories than failures. Our children need to be taught these ideals and principles so they can find and believe in themselves. They can live freely and apply the tools they have learned to climb to their dreams and win battles to their dreams no matter what life throws at them! If the child is not taught and hasn’t learned basic morals and ethics and doesn’t trust anyone or any institution how does the child learn to live and have knowledge of good and evil! How does the child find the way out of his/her diversities or everyday challenges, battles they should never have to go through! How do they choose what is right or wrong for themselves! Not all of us of this nation knows there is a God! So what power do they have but our nation’s Constitution of principles and precepts and have leaders that stand on these principles of our Constitution where will this nation be down the road! We the People have to have laws, guidelines, principles and mandates to live by otherwise it is doomed by chaos and injustices!

I have seen this a few times as I grew up as a citizen here in the USA when rights were being violated, their wasn’t care for our seniors, our mentally ill, our soldiers who were not honored just to mention a few! Our institutions changed with new ways to care for the most vulnerable! We as individuals stepped up to do our part. Our communities and as a nation we have changed many of these issues but we took them too far! Now businesses, big and large are not paying their workers a good livable wage. Why can’t they do right! As a nation our dollars don’t go for the people, it goes to the special interest groups who are muddying the waters as to what is right and wrong! Look at the teachers unions, look at the environmentalists, look at the rich and powerful taking over our government, our media which feed us lies and their own views and not the Truth or facts! I’m not saying all, but most media pits people against people! It just has snowballed these last few years! Freedom doesn’t mean you can change principles of integrity, honor, respect, equality and knowing right and wrong of things! We need them for guidance, to live out our goals and dreams for now and for the next generations to look forward to a a better, extraordinary future . Come back to the middle and let us be a beacon of hope, dreams, fairness, respect for one another. Justice and Freedom for all! Let’s celebrate our diversity, stomp out evil, lies and being deceived! Let us bring back our traditions, honor our institutions, respect for one another! Let’s Bless one another and be strong and unwavering to stand on the foundation of our democracy/republic! One nation under God! We the People have so much Good and Love to share! And the future is full with prosperity, exchanging creative ideas, so all will be lifted up! There will always be those who don’t care only of themselves but we as a people have the ability to dream, solve problems that bring about a well shaped, diverse, heritage formed by the pioneer spirit that we can meld together but yet be an individuals to solve so many problems for all it’s people! Nobody has to be left behind!

When you take a look at our history and heritage from those who came before us, ask yourself a question, How did they do it! I believe their foundation was on a higher power then themselves, determination, able to solve problems, hard work! Courage Perseverance and Hope! Many had nothing to begin their dreams and purpose! They fought hard no matter who or what faced them. Another foundation was family! In many instances family was the core! Family carried the values, morals, right and wrong of life which gave strength and hope! Their love for the their family was so important to them! So they worked together with their individual gifts and team work to get the best out of life! The third part of the pioneer spirit was to learn new skills, how to build and structure their communities’ and to educate themselves! These communities also knew education was very important to their livelihood! So they could go further in their life! They prepared themselves and the next generations for building of new and inventive ways of living! The center of their communities was their beliefs and especially their church bodies. Yes their was hardships, corruption, needless wars, evil rift raft. That’s what I like about the old western movies or shows! You always knew the hat they wore, black or white, for there was right and wrong!

What are we doing??? Do we as individuals think of ourselves as little gods who know it all! Or the rich and powerful control our lives? How about this that a small group of people tell us Or how about the media who are all about their agenda selling us lies, deceiving us at every turn like we are stupid! They also brainwash! We have ignorant leaders, who do not know what they are talking about, or leaders who think they know everything but look at their history, lifestyle and character! I feel in many ways the media is distorting the wrong to make it right and only telling part of the story or even yet telling us who to vote for in our elections! Yes we need to investigate, search for the truth and make the best choices whatever we are being told! It is truly a challenge! I rarely listen to advertisements and watch many news venues in order to know the whole story! Many people are listening to these distortions, theories, and are being brained washed! I really dislike when a media venue or respected pastor, say, picks a favorite candidate and then they cover up all their mistakes and history! Whoa and then opposition dramatizes all the mistakes to make the person look bad so their candidate looks good! Of course it goes back and forth!. OMG just let the candidate talk about himself, he will reveal his views and objectives! The media can make observations and tell us! I really don’t want to know their opinion because of the political party they hold dear! We the People can do better in our media! Let them, media be true, honest, trustworthy and with good and factual information! Make them accountable! Tell them we want more right then wrong! It will sell! I believe Truth and Integrity are needed and wanted!

Let’s educate with principles, traditions, with honesty and integrity, with hard work and doing for our neighbor. Our government can’t do it for us! We the People must want to live with freedom, peace, less government, equality and be well! Most of us want this type of life! We want the resources to meet the challenges that come about in our everyday life! Most of us want to live in neighborhoods and communities that take care of their own! We need to be able to live a decent life and to be able to have the education and tools to work towards our dreams! We want and need a foundation that is honored, respected and of truth!

So let’s not stick our heads in the sand! Stand by our flag ! Our flag stands for all that we as a nation believe in and it has been fought for many times over! Many have sacrificed and died for this nation! And whether you believe or not, God has Blessed this nation! But if we let our leaders, rich and powerful, special interest groups that are corrupt because they want their own power, their own ambitions that are self-willed not motivated to serve our country with honesty, respect, integrity and can not stand on their word as they swore an oath to serve with goodness and grace! If not this country is going to have a battle within! It has started because our leaders think they wear the white hat and the opposition wears the black hat! We can’t vote by parties anymore but by individuals! We must evaluate them by the principles laid out in the Constitution, by our God, or both! Neither party should treat each other as the enemy! There should not be divisiveness by politics or personalities but only serving the citizens and deciding how to be a help! How to protect and guide to a better UNION. I believe as a society we need to have capitalism and socialism mixed! These principles need to be taught in school! Our schools need to be funded for all to be educated so everyone can choose to be educated well! No matter the age! Taught there are basic principles, laws, rules to live by, to honor our country by the pledge of allegiance! If you don’t believe in God then don’t say his name but honor our country! Our children need to have a foundation of life principles and guidelines! They can not teach themselves! They discover who they are by knowing discipline, right and wrong and respect for authority! And much Love with correction, good validation and edifying! That’s where we begin! They need to see our leaders who care, who speak for the underdog, who govern with integrity, who can solve problems and issues that meet the majority of the peoples needs to live and not be oppressed or be subject to abuse and violence!

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