It has been awhile since I was able to blog! I have a new life now! God has made many changes in my life in the last year! In fact 180 degree changes! Those changes are from being healed from cancer, death of parents, my Dad and my birth Mom, Dolla Converse Weaver and others whom I loved very much, able to go back to work at a new job, to reconnecting with a friend, classmate and neighbor from my childhood to getting married, moving and having a home! My hearts desires! I am settled!  Joshua 1:9 says “…be strong and of  good courage, do not be afraid nor dismayed for the Lord God is with you wherever you go”!  Boy do I hang on to that promise especially after stepping out in faith with no job or home when I decided to move in 2015 from Montana where I lived 27 years to Oregon! I mean I had a general plan but not real details. God provided a home and a job in a few weeks time. He also provided many other factors so I could be at peace to move, knowing that there was going to be opposition to this move. He prepared me as He always does.  I trusted and obeyed!


So my year of 2017 began with the healing of my cancer. Then I struggled for a new purpose in life. Trying to find the right plan in this season of my life. Once again He healed me of cancer! So I once again was a testimony of God’s deliverance to live on this earth for a few more years before He takes me Home. So I began refreshing myself by renewing my mind! Where was He leading me through the Holy Spirit. So I went back to my 12 step program of Al anon. They are the tools He gave me to keep me in His steadfast Love and purpose in my Life. They helped me to make choices lined up with God’s Word. They also helped me to look at myself! Taking inventory of who I am in Christ. Also make sure I am on the path God has for me! This is where I go when I feel I am treading water and not being patient enough and waiting for God, for He has the right time and place for me in His will. He is always preparing me for His purpose on this Journey of mine!

A thought He gave me from one of my readings.  The Tree of Life never goes dormant! Thank you Jesus! All because of you I can be alive all the time! I can be refreshed by meditating on you day and night because of the promises you made to me! Psalm 1: 2-3… “But whose delight in the law of the Lord and who meditates on His law day and night that person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither-whatever they do prospers.” My Faith is always growing because He gives me the power and courage to change! It may seem that I am standing still in my life but I am not.  My roots are planted in the Living Water. This Living Water is always flowing, giving all I need no matter what my life experiences or touches! This is ole world can never give me what I need or make me promises or know the desires of my heart! I could never ask the world to provide for me what the Living Water is able! I could never have a personal relationship with the world. Living Water gives me all I need to live in this world. He gives me power! He gives me armor! He gives me Peace! He gives me Courage! He gives me Love and teaches me how to Love myself and others. Matthew 22: 37-40! I sometimes rumble over my fleshly desires but in the end, I count on God! I have made my own choices without Him, boy, it’s not fun! Casting Crowns has song called “Who I am”! Spoke to me many times over the last 65 years of my life!


He gives me my Faith which expands so that I can Trust and Hope! He gives me Grace and Forgiveness so I don’t have to carry around my pain and passed history that hurts, or made me ashamed. The Living Water gives His Word to live by so I can bear fruit in His name for His Kingdom to come that is eternal! OMG there is so much to say about the life I live that is all because of Him. He is always gives me purpose and has a plan for me! He is the Light in my Darkness when I don’t understand! So He gives me Wisdom that brings about Knowledge to know I am walking the path He has chosen for me and how to stay on that path no matter the circumstances in my life. Even when I am not obedient or make a bad choice He is always there! He never lets me go!


So here is an example. When I moved in 2015 to The Dalles, I felt good about myself. I was settled and really wanted someone to date. I have seen many friends who have found their companion and love on the internet. I asked God about having a companion, one that fits me! So I thought I would help God along. So built a profile on one of the internet dating sites. Finally it landed on a nice fellow. We hit it off talking to one another. We had common values, interests, we loved flirting with each other. We did finally meet after the first of the New Year of 2016! This is what I said in my Journal, “Our date went well in some ways. He had some issues which I was unsure I wanted to deal with in a relationship. We kept calling and texting for a while. We wanted to meet again but he was a workaholic so was always working. So I said “it is in your hands Lord”. Then I decided to look on-line again. Well this charming man started talking through emails. He lived closer. He seemed to say all the things I wanted to hear! He also didn’t live very far away either so that we could meet up! Well that never happened! My eyes read what I wanted to hear, believe it was so! It matched up with what I was reading at the time about women being God’s Crown of Beauty! Well what a hoax he was. Pulled the wool over my eyes. So I did try again but nothing but hoaxes! So closed all my sites! God was surely saying it is not time and I will choose for you. I put my dreams and plans out there and did my part by praying, having others pray for me, surrounded myself with a good and loving support from old and new friends, and family! So I will know it is God’s choice for me!

So God finally said clearly the right guy will come along when you are ready and at the right time and place in my life. My pastor had 4 services on courage, to be equipped, to train and to stay focused by renewing my mind and being transformed by His word and His Spirit! I was at peace and comforted! I knew I was in His will and walking the path that He had for me. The first of the year of 2016 God was faithful. I found work, renters, and a new home in Dufur! I knew God was preparing me! I could see it each day! He was in the details of my life as I trusted in Him for each day! I did my part by doing the foot work and He finished it! I also of that year found my birth Mother. That will be another blog! So amazing story. Remember my dream is God’s dream for my life. I remember I am also praying for a love and companion in life! Then came my third battle with cancer at the end of 2016! The first was colorectal cancer, and skin cancer on my face!

So last year when I was healed from my cancer, and I was able to work again, I started praying for a man of God to come into my life! I said to the Lord, ” you know Lord I love you and I always want to do your will and be a servant in your name! But you know me Lord. You know Lord I would love a companion to live and share my life with the last days and years of my life. My God knew my hearts desire and I prayed for God’s hearts desire for me! As  I was His Crown of Beauty, He knew me through and through! I learned more about my hearts desire in the book CAPTIVATING written by John and Stasi Eldredge in the first chapter The Heart of a Woman. Quote, “And he knows the desires of our hearts with intimate detail, He placed them there. Let’s ask him to come in and help us!”. I wrote this when I read Isaiah 62: 1-5!  ” My Jesus you are my groom! He romances me to follow Him so all my dreams will come true. My dreams are His dreams for me because He has given them to me before I even knew how to dream!” God keeps His promises, 2 Corinthians 1:20-22! There are many more! He wants you to claim all of them in His Powerful, Wonderful Name Jesus! Following the leading of the Holy Spirit!

So this is my story. There happened to be a Sherman High School class reunion. This reunion, they invited other classes to come also! I did not have any high expectations except that maybe a fellow who I was communicating with would come also! So I went! It truly was fun and I reconnected with some alumni that I hadn’t seen in a long time! One of them was a neighbor who lived on the hill above my home when I moved there in 1962 in Wasco, OR.  She had a brother, who had been my friend in grade school, my neighbor and graduated with me in high school! I had seen him at class reunions over the years. But we never socialized because he and I were married at these times. But when I moved to Oregon I thought about contacting him at the right time. Very handsome but I wasn’t aware of his feelings for me. He was a very good athlete and popular at our high school. His name is Bobby. That day we reconnected was September 29, 2017! We reconnected through texting as Peggy who loves the Lord knew Bobby’s feelings for me arranged for us to exchange phone #’s! We have been together ever since that day! 55 years later! Who would have thought or imagine! I serve a great and mighty God who foreordained my life. I was willing to do His will and say yes Lord! Stepping out in Faith, Hebrews 11. We were married on December 15, 2017! God brought me His Love through Bobby! It is unconditional and everlasting! God knew the perfect man for me! He knew the perfect woman for Bobby!

Before September 29, 2017, I had prayed the same prayer, I had prayed before I went on the internet! I also said after that experience God has a man for me I don’t need to go looking! Sure enough my God dropped Bobby right into my lap when I was ready! I will finish with this great God Happening of my Love for Bobby in another blog! I will also tell the story of meeting my birth Mom! I wrote this awhile back! So I’ll share it now and hope it brings hope to others. Just listen to God! Need to trust and put your Faith in the Promises He has given you! He Loves you very much! He keeps me on the mountain tops even when this fallen world tries me so! Blessings my friends!



3 responses to “CHANGES”

  1. That is superbeautiful.
    God is faithful
    He knows our deepest desires
    And He always proves His love for us by meeting them.
    What a friend we have in Jesus.

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    1. I’m pleased to share my story that God has given me! I’m glad it touched your life! Life is messy but God is always in the details and gives me Peace, Hope and Love to know the Joy of living in Jesus’s Name!


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