First blog post

First blog post — My Journey to my Heavenly Home

Everyone has a journey when born to this world! Not that mine is any more special than others but I do enjoy enriching my life to journal my journey! So I thought in this season of my life I would love to share some of my thoughts of my journeys on this blog. I like putting my thought down on hard copy. I have written my journals since 1996. I need to go back and read some of them. I do read some that I have written in the past couple of years. They help me to remember my past where I have been and where I am now. They are guideposts. They are reminders of who I was and how much I have grown up and who I am now. God has blessed me with this journey. It has been very rough at times but also very rewarding and joyous. I am just so grateful! Rejoicing on mountain tops and lamenting in the valleys of my life to the paths of great happenings. God Happenings! I am still wondering where He is taking me next! How will I get there. So far the Dance of life has given me most of all Love and knowing God’s Love just to me.

I was born in the fifties after World War II. My parents were married for all the wrong reasons. He was 40 years older and she was 16. They had 3 children and I was the middle one and only girl. Eventually we landed in foster care. Not good for us at times. There was abuse mentally and physically. The system tried but they can’t change events so they tried to adopt us with one family. The family that chose us tried to care for us all but older brother decided he wasn’t able to live with us. So he decided to go back to foster homes and my younger brother and I were adopted by our Mom and Dad who lived in a small farming community above the bluffs of the Columbia Gorge, at the age of 9,10.

So those are my beginnings of my journey! I was so naïve in many ways. So innocent, but was unsure of the Love of others. I did not have much self esteem. I didn’t know any dreams or real passion. I don’t have a deep relationship with my folks, and may never will. They don’t edify or show their love much emotionally or demonstratively. Though their has been a time when Mom was packing her things to move, she said she was so glad that I was a part of her life. They do say “I love you” more than they used to. As I am now in my 60’s and they are in their 90’s, we live near each other again. They still think of me as teenager, I am sure! But I have accepted them for who they are. I am proud to say the are my parents. God chose them for me. He had a plan and good one. I am so grateful to be able to part of this family whose family has shown me so much love, care, prayers and support. Many of them are gone but still have many relatives whom I dearly love. If anything God has enriched me with His Love and has taught me how to LOVE, unconditionally. I am still learning to Love! Take down the walls and share God’s Love.

As you come along and read my journey blogs, we can share some of the same experiences and stories. Maybe sharing my stories will change your life and see a new way of living. Or you can share in a comment or email of your story, I can see another viewpoint or life experience how it has changed you. We only journey so long before we go to our eternal home. Touching Lives with Love is a purpose and shine that Light of Hope! Don’t hide it under a bushel! Oh NO!


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